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Medications Freed Me From Paranoid Schizophrenia

by Larry Podsobinski

I was diagnosed at age 17 in 1975 with paranoid schizophrenia. I did not believe it for 19 years, but now from noticeably better, more "effective" treatment and how the course my life has gone since, I am not only convinced I have paranoid schizophrenia, I am also convinced I am "weller than well."

In 1994, after trying almost everything else previous 19 years, Risperdal made most noticeable to me and everyone else. Risperdal simply made my eight year "John Lennon back from the dead in a Buddhist Transmigration of soul for the mission of contacting world governments to make the United States put an end to their illegal use of stolen replicated UFO Technology personality" simply go away in 48 hours! The noticeable difference convinced me I have the illness and for once could see and understand what it did to me.

Ground Zero Wellness gave way to living and learning each year after year. I began trying to write about my experiences in 1997. In the course of continuing to live and learn and become better I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2001. With the addition of Ativan I relaxed mentally and could "catch my breath" and it became natural to just finally know where to start my story.

I began very soon after writing what is becoming a very great book that I call In The Grip of Paranoid Schizophrenia . The preface is written by Fr. John Belfield. the retired clients rights advocate from the state hospital I was confined often when I was sick. My psychiatrist, Dr. Maura Andronic, M.D. wrote the forward. After I had taken it as far as I could refine it, and with the changes that have occurred in the writing since, it was a God-send for Dr. Fred Frese to oversee the editing and revisions being done by me while working with the assistant he chose for the project, Marian Kindel.

I would say I am "weller than well" and it because I do take medication. I would not be doing all this and functioning as well as I am living if I were not on medication. However, I have found over the last 28 years with the illness that in my case it took decades to find the right combination of medications that work most effectively for me. I think that might be the sad thing about "effective" treatment, that it really does take a long time to finally find. I used to be part of the anti-psychiatry movement 15 years ago, but since I have found unparalleled wellness I don't feel that way and think those who do are half or entirely paranoid, suffering from the very illness they deny. Finding the "right" medication for "you" and taking it unfailingly, I think, is the true backbone of wellness: Then there is nothing you can't accomplish over the course of your Life...

In The Grip of Paranoid Schizophrenia: One Man's Metamorphosis through Psychosis (ISBN: 978-1-4303-2231-3) has now been published!

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Larry Podsobinski


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