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Messages, Insights and Wisdom from "Psychiatric Survivors"

Below you'll find personal stories from those who have survived mental health experiences.

A Story of Survival, Courage and Transformation by Anonymous
An anonymous reader shares her insight on moving through a schizoaffective breakdown and on to a level of development she never imagined.

Some of Us are Happy and Content in Our "Insanity" by Anonymous
Having auditory, sensory, and visual hallucinations her entire life, this author learned at a young age that if she discussed this with her family, she was told either that they weren't real, she had an over-active imagination, or she was ill. She thinks otherwise.

Contrarian Psychiatrist Loren Mosher Dies of Liver Cancer by Adam Bernstein
Loren R. Mosher, 70, who died of liver cancer July 10 at a clinic in Berlin, was a contrarian psychiatrist and schizophrenia expert who was dismissed from the National Institute of Mental Health for his controversial theories on treatment.

Medical Error Story (Tragic Roundabout) by Diane Blakemore
I have a true story that was very horrific. I would like the public to know the truth about this [electro shock treatment] fraudulent treatment, (torture) that is considered as a "treatment" option for people who are "depressed", or maybe even just sad or emotional.

Formally Schizo-Affective, Now "Weller than Well " by David Mitchell Boie
"My first anxiety attack occurred during a bad trip I had in college, but I was not on LSD, mushrooms, peyote, or PCP, in fact I have never tried any of these psychoactive substances because of fear of destroying my mind. What I took was a bottle of Robotussin DM cough syrup...."

How I Trimphed Over Schizophrenia by Jimmy Cheah
A personal account with valuable insights for all about Jimmy's journey to becoming "weller than well"

Hard to Stay "Sane"
Jennifer Elam writes "I am a licensed psychologist who is not practicing at this time. In 1996, I came to a point that I could no longer function and stay sane in this profession because of all the things you talk about in your articles...."

Schizophrenia and My Mystical Journey by Ricky Gee
Discovers that what may be seen by some as bizarre behavior can actually be a passage into a higher state of maturity.

Mankind Suffers from Delusions
Per-Erik Larsson has come to the conclusion that all of mankind suffers from delusions, especially that never ending progress is good.

Psychiatric's Lack of Insight: Missives from Patricia Lefave D.D.(P.)
(Please see her writings at her blog: BeyondthePsychiatricBox.blogspot.com

Poems from The Book of Life: Existentialism by Ronnie Lee
Mr. Lee tackles the topic of philosophy through verse.

Psychiatrists Don't Listen, They Diagnose and Prescribe by Susanna Lehtonen
The curious way of thinking that psychiatrists have doesn't just occur in the United States. Read about one instance from a Finnish student.

The Convenience Factor in Psychiatry
Angel Moreno's story of being bombarded with medications and then suffering the effects from increased dosages. A good warning for all....

Psychiatrist dissolves 35 year association with American Psychiatric Association.
Dr. Loren R. Mosher's personal letter of resignation from the APA addressed to the president of the organization, with criticisms and suggestions for the APA.

Who took the spirit out of madness?.
Odette Nightsky of Northern Lights Education & Research writes: "With the increasing assault of pharmaceutical answers, our society is now 'brain trained' to ask for their issues to be 'fixed'! No longer are we seekers on the journey of life discovery all that lurks within, we are now educated to 'fix' things."

Walking the Shamans Path: Not Schizophrenia, But Acute Sensitive.
Odette Nightsky of Northern Lights Education & Research writes about her personal experience that led to a reassessment of what she had learned about schizophrenia.

Working With Clients Who Suffer from Acute Sensitivity (Schizophrenia): A word to the therapist.
Odette Nightsky pens another article for Successful Schizophrenia. This one draws upon the same materials as her new book: The Bridge Between Two Worlds

Medications Freed Me From Paranoid Schizophrenia
Larry Podsobinski a story of how after nearly two decades of ineffective treatment he finally found what worked for him as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Several useful articles from author Stanley Popovich on manging depression and facing fears.
* Managing Your Persistent Fears, Depression, and Every Day Anxieties * A Review of Techniques in Managing Your Depression * Managing the Fear of Loneliness * Facing the Fear And Anxiety of the Unknown * When Someone You Know Struggles with Fear and Anxiety * Never Lose Hope in Dealing With Your Fears and Depression * Alcohol and Substance Abuse Will not Take Away Your Fears

I'm Med Free, But Some People Don't Want to Be by Reece Sanders
Beware: Not everyone will applaud your drug-free efforts.

BE POSITIVE! This too shall pass by Leonard Shockley
It is a fact that we all suffer. It is also a fact that the suffering we face is only temporary and we learn and grow stronger because of it.

My Unchosen Journey Through Mental Illness by Clover Smith
"For, although my spirit's detour through an agonized, deadly struggle was unchosen, my lived experience through the cause, the exacerbation of psychiatry, and the cure is what gives great usefulness and joy to my life now."

I Was a Schizophrenia Sufferer
Paweł Tomaszewski, from Poland, details his decades long struggle with schziophrenia and self-directed path to recovery.

Caffeine Allergy: A Hidden Allergy and Toxic Dementia
Ruth Whalen discusses her longtime undetected caffeine allergy and the resulting dementia and misdiagnosis.

My Spiritual Transformation Through Mental Illness.
Winston Wu says, "My story is not just about mental illness and schizophrenia, it is about my path from Christian fundamentalism into New Age spirituality beliefs. I want people to know that it's a spiritual transformation story, so that those who are devout Christians won't be offended in some way."

Successful Schizophrenia Exchange.
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