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Some links to progressive mental health web presences.

These site links are provided as a additional resources to our visitors. We do not imply an endorsement of these sites and assume no responsibility nor give any guarantees, warranties, or representations, implied or otherwise, for their content or accuracy.

Top Picks:

Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology
"Peter R. Breggin, M.D. founded The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) as a nonprofit research and educational network concerned with the impact of mental health theory and practices upon individual well-being, personal freedom, and family and community values."

Maureen B. Roberts, Ph.D.'s Jung Circle including several articles:
(All excerpts copyrighted ©2000.)

Brought to you by the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights. "The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, has a mission to bring fairness and reason into the administration of legal aspects of the mental health system, particularly unwarranted court ordered psychiatric drugging."

Support Coalition International's MindFreedom.org
"An independent non-profit alliance of grassroots advocacy and support groups in six countries. Mind Freedom Journal is the printed voice of Support Coalition." Has page with great links.

Create a Community:

Our Common Condition
An Online community bulletin board described as: "Psychological problems, we all grapple with them at one time or another. Here you'll find creative support, slightly snotty friendship and old-school scholarship for any manner of bio-psycho-social disturbance that reprise the human condition."

No Longer Lonely.com
"A matching service for adults with mental illness: "We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness. Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness."

Spiritual Emergency Blog
"This blog is primarily a means of bringing together specific articles and viewpoints that I've found helpful in understanding and moving through my own spiritual emergency." from

Content and Contact Pages:

Alex Wissenswerte's True facts about Psychiatry
Alex has collected a variety of interesting links to articles and anti-psychiatry resources on the internet. Some multi-lingual.

American Iatrogenic Association
"The American Iatrogenic Association is devoted to the study and reporting of illness caused by the medical profession, especially by physicians."

The Antipsychiatry Coalition
"The Antipsychiatry Coalition is a nonprofit volunteer organization consisting of people who feel we have been harmed by psychiatry--and their supporters." Make sure you don't miss the great article by Lawrence Stephens, J.D. "Schizophrenia: A nonexistent disease" that is posted at the Antipsychiatry Coalition site.

Achieving Emotional Health and Personal Growth
Created by Karl Ericson. Use links in left-hand Orange column to get to some useful articles.

The Advocacy Center
"The Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities, Inc., is a non-profit organization providing protection and advocacy services in the State of Florida."

Asylum Online
"Founded in 1986 this magazine is still in the forefront of the struggle for democracy and inclusion. The quarterly serves as a growing forum for those fighting for positive change and a paradigm shift in mental health and the lives of communities."

Beyond the Psychiatric Box Blog
Find past and present missives on the mental health system as seen from Patricia Lefave, D.D. (P.)

The Change Project
"The Change Project is dedicated to using the power of the turbulence around us to help build a world that works. We are an independent organization supported solely by our writing, speaking, and consulting."

National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives (NRC-PAD).
Created by Duke University, "The NRC-PAD provides consumers with mental illness, their family members, clinicians, and policy-makers with key information about Psychiatric Advance Directives (PAD), including PAD forms, links to statutes, educational webcasts, discussion forums, FAQs, and current research. PADs detail specific instructions or preferences regarding future mental health treatment, in preparation for the possibility that the person may lose capacity to give or withhold informed consent to treatment during acute episodes of psychiatric illness"

Duke University's Services Effectiveness Research Program (SERP)
"Co-sponsored by UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University, on-going projects in the area of mental health services research. "

Gibbs Online
"The central aim of this site is to help educate interested lay public about the basic assumptions, principles, organizing concepts and methods utilized by psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists in helping people create order out of their inner chaos." Brought to you by Gibbs A. Williams, Ph.D.

HAMR: Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning
"HAMR is a self-help system that enables you to install positive thinking patterns into your brain. It is fast, easy and reliable. By adopting good thinking habits you can achieve high self esteem, powerful self confidence, and forceful motivation."

Highly Sensitive People
"A resource for Highly Sensitive People and the people in their lives." This site has great information for people who are very alert to their environment.

The Institute for the Study of Human Resilience.
"Vision: People facing significant life challenges (such as serious illness, trauma, disability, or disadvantage) are resilient and can significantly improve the healing process when they have access to knowledge, self-help resources, skilled professionals, sustaining environments, and social justice."

Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change / Partners for Change
"The latest research on 'what works' in therapy is translated into principles for clinical practice.  Follow the links on the right side of the page to update your clinical knowledge and skills. " As heard in April 2004 on NPRs This American Life (episode 263, 4/16/04) as "Hasta La Vista, Arnie" (Listen Now - real audio file, go to the First Act, after intro, about 6 min. in to show).

The Introvertz Coach
Tips and tools for Introverts. Many free articles. Brought to you by Nancy R. Fenn.

Hoffer's Home Page - The Schizophrenias
View of A. Hoffer, MD, PhD, FRSP(C) on schizophrenia.

Is Psychiatry Lying? (Note: Sept. 2007: server not working)
By Martti Paloheimo, M.D., of Finland. "The purpose of this paper is to introduce a somewhat new and unorthodox - and perhaps a slightly provocative - approach to the causes of many mental disorders, particularly in regard to anxiety neurosis." Visit the rest of the Scorpitos site, it's in Finnish and English.

The Krasman Centre
"We work collaboratively with consumer/survivors and families to improve lives through information, networking, self-help, mutual support and partnership." Based in Ontario, Canada.

La Gazette des Fous Rebelles (English version)
In French, English, German and Spanish, this site is home to "Rebels to Forced Psychiatric Treatment," and a periodical gazette. Includes French translation of Al Siebert's article "Spontaneous Remission of Schizophrenia."

The Center for Laingian Studies (formerly: Unofficial RD Laing Website)
"These pages are intended as a forum for the ideas of Ronald David Laing, one of the most controversial figures of 20th Century psychology and philosophy. His writings - a beguiling mix of psychoanalysis, mysticism, existentialism and left-wing politics - make for powerful and often disturbing reading; disturbing because they so clearly demonstrate the extent to which the average human being is entrapped by the pressures of social conformity." (You may encounter difficulty connecting sometimes.)

"Listening to High Utilizers of Mental Health Services" (March 2006 - No longer available on the web. See as much bibliographical information as we have on this item below.)
A study of "high risk, high utilizing consumers" conducted by the Oregon Office of Mental Health Services has led to a shift away from "mental illness" diagnoses to a trauma explanation. Ninety-eight percent of the most frequent users of community and hospital public mental health services reported a history of mutiple exposure to severely traumatic events.

Listening to High Utilizers of Mental Health Services: Recognizing, responding to and recovering from trauma
Lyn Blackshaw, Ph.D., Andrea Levy, M.A., L.P.C., Janice Perciano, B.S.
Press State of Oregon, Mental Health and Developmental Disability
Release February 1999
Format Unknown Binding

MADNESS is an electronic action and information discussion list for people who experience moods swings, fright, voices, and visions (People Who). They are creating an electronic forum and distribution device for exchanging ways to change political systems that touch People Who, and for distributing any information and resources that might be useful. A basic premise of science and research is also a value of MADNESS: to share your findings with others.

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy
NARPA exists to expose abuse, to shed light on coercive and dangerous practices, and to promote real alternatives to a mental health system that even professionals find disgraceful.

National Empowerment Center
Recovery is real and this website is filled with practical information that will help you recover if you have been labeled with a mental illness.

"New and Proposed Diagnosis of 'Substance Dependency Induced Psychosis'"
An article by Norman Gersabeck, M.D., published in the International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

"What is meant by nonduality, Mahatmi?" "It means that light and shade, long and short, black and white, can only be experienced in relation to each other; light is not independent of shade, nor black of white. There are no opposites, only relationships. " --from The Lankavatara Sutra. A resource for non-dual thinkers.

Ongoing Caffeine Anaphylaxis, A Progressive Toxic Dementia Known as "Mental Illness"
By Ruth Whalen. "My information may interest you. I am a med tech severely caffeine allergic, who, after recovering from a 25-year course of allergic toxicity that was misdiagnosed innumerous times, traced every chemical imbalance of mental illness. According to my experience and research, ongoing caffeine anaphylaxis is the primary cause of mental illness."

Paranoid Schizophrenia
"People with schizophrenia, autism, and Asperger's syndrome are all being persecuted by society. This site gives the opposite view of what society tries to convey regarding mental illness." Brought to you by Per-Erik Larssen in Sweden. Read his article "Mankind Suffers from Delusions" on our site.

Allan Pinches: Mental Health and Our Community
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Allan Pinches offers a site much like Successful Schizophrenia, offering materials to help change the face of psychiatry.

Psychiatric Survivor's Guide
This is a well organized and interesting site to explore. "The pages will be a continuing effort, with its goal being that of a combined central information bureau and revolutionary declaration; a place in which individuals can not only find the information they need, but also learn to question the sacrosanct and not-properly-questioned power of the 'mental health' profession--preferably before it's able to do them any harm."

The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide and Brainwashing
The 50+ year old book, last published in 1956 by Joost A.M. Merloo, M.D. A classic on the subject is now available free online.

RAPS (Relatives and Allies of Psychiatric Survivors)
Linda Valentine, a member of the Support Coalition International, has set up this resource for the relatives and allies of psychiatric survivors.

Recovery Inc.
"A community mental health resource offering a self-help method of will training."

The Resiliency Center
Brought to you by Al Siebert, Director of The Resiliency Center. "Your resource for developing resiliency in yourself, your work teams and your organization."

Ron Coleman Voices
"Ron Coleman has been active in the field of mental health since 1991, when affecting his own recovery from mental illness, he used his experiences to develop his ideas for recovery centered treatment of others. Since then he has went on to write numerous books and papers on the subject and was influential in the development of the Hearing Voices Network in the UK."

The Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma
The Colin A. Ross Institute was formed to further the understanding of psychological trauma and its consequences by providing educational services, research, and clinical treatment of trauma based disorders.

Sacred Transformations
"Stories have power. We shape our world through our stories. Each of our stories is unique and yet speaks of themes common to all of us. Through time we will be posting accounts of exceptional human experiences. These stories range from the extraordinary - near-death experiences, mystical experiences, spiritual emergencies, ufo abductions - to those seemingly more ordinary - psychic events, synchronicities, meaningful dreams. What all these exceptional human experiences have in common is their ability to transform."

"Dedicated to supporting individuals who are committed to working on such issues as Spirituality, Awareness, Growth, and Emotional/physical well being." Message board, Chat room, quotes and words of wisdom are some of the resources here. Papers on psychotherapy experiences.

Schizophrenia Bi-Polar Newsletter
A regular newsletter discussing schizophrenic and bi-polar issues from author Rodney St. Michael.

Schizophrenia: Questions And Answers
An informational article on schizophrenia as prepared by the National Institute of Mental Health, but posted on the Internet Mental Health site, which is a good place to roam around.

Seth Farber.net
"Seth Farber, Ph.D. author of Unholy Madness: The Church's Surrender to Psychiatry."

A Tiger by the Tail
"by Berthajane Vandegrift is a personal account of a 'disturbed' child, and the therapy to which one family was subjected."

Created by Rosemary F. Rodgers, M.D. to explore the question of "Does external stress (eg. noise) equal paranoid schizophrenia?"

Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
The purpose of this site is to advance the debate about Thomas S. Szasz's basic ideas and their practical implications.

Content-oriented site with lots of useful information on it. Learn about what it takes to playfully develop the survivor personality, succeed with your home office, deal with "downsizing" and connect with others who have the same interests. You can also browse the archives of "Thriving Stories from Survivors."

When the Dream Becomes Real (Note: Sept. 2007: link not working)
An article at the Global-vision.org site written by Michael O'Callaghan that discusses how images of world destruction and renewal occur in shamanic narratives the world over, as well as in the visions of the world's 60 million "schizophrenic" people and in the minds of ordinary folk who wonder whether we might be about to destroy the planet. This text explores the psychological meaning of this ancient symbol of transformation.

Drug-Free Therapy links:

Angels Healing
From the UK, a mission of the Essene New Life Church. "Our mission is to prove that complementary medicine and therapies is more humane and can replace drugs."

The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses
"A resource site for parents, and a challenge to the biomedical mental health industry. There is an alternative for the millions of prescriptions written: Ritalin for children and anti-depressants for adults."

Pages with many links:

Dr. GROHOL's Psych Central Resources
One of the most highly-rated specialized indexes of links around. Carries good descriptions of most linked sites.

Coloring Therapy: Mental Health Links page
"An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity."

Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links
Lists of links, generally no descriptions. Dr. Bob is Robert Hsiung, MD, in Chicago

The Critical Psychiatry Website: Links
Several graphical links to web sites critical of psychiatry. Located in Great Britain. Visit the home page too.

Professor Dennis Fox's (curator of RadPsyNet.org) entry into critical psychology thinking. has an extensive listing of links not found directly off his home page. His speciality is psychology, law and justice.

Search Results from Yahoo.com for: psychiatric survivor
This page is probably different every time you visit it. Probably much like the way a Successful Schizophrenia visitor feels! It will take you directly to Yahoo's internet search engine.

All About Psychotherapy Links
From the UK

Personal Story links:

1st Person Mental Health Magazine
"1st Person is a magazine devoted to giving accounts, opinion and artwork from the perspectives of people who have had mental health conditions, rather than from the professional point of view. "

Geoff Allen: Some Examples of My Writing
"Geoff Allen has collected writings on his personal 16-year struggle with schizophrenia"

About Gregory Bateson (Husband of Margaret mead)
Gregory Bateson and his wife Margaret Mead pioneered the field of visual anthropology. He later collaborated on the "double bind theory of schizophrenia," worked with dolphins in Hawaii, and helped to pioneer a brand new, co-evolutionary way of thinking. This site has a biography of him as well as links to more information about him and his thinking.

Beyond Survival: The Schizophrenia Myth
A site dedicated to dispelling the myth that schizophrenia is a disease, with essay and commentary by Susan Lien Whigham.

Meghan Caughey
An artist using her experience with schizophrenia to inspire: "I want to make my drawings more than just illustrations of one person's struggle of this thing called schizophrenia. I want to show the energy of the Life Force: how it describes itself in the elegance of the line and the mystery of the form."

Sue Clarks's Psychiatry Buster Page
"Hello, my name is Sue Clark. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am a former psychiatric and shock (ECT) survivor.... I want to share with you my true life experiences as a person who was tortured by the mental health system in Canada for 18 years from 1972 to 1990."

The Fifth Body
From Tessa Manning: "I just wanted to share a bit about my experience. It's about the equivalent of a novellette for length because it covers the entirety of what unfolded in that six week period of my life."

Jennifer Daydreamer
"In my life, I have had two main interests, the art of drawing comics, and studying the topic of schizophrenia, my mother having suffered from the latter. Imagine my surprise when these two seemingly divergent interests merged. I had no idea that comics (or storytelling) was related to the other."

Living With Schizoaffective Disorder
Brought to you by Michael David Crawford. "You may be surprised to hear that I suffer from a devastating and poorly understood mental illness. I'd like to tell you what it's like to live inside my head. Read on, and I will tell you how I recovered from schizoaffective disorder - but have not been cured. I will tell you how I learned to live with mental illness every day."

Overcoming the Impossible: My Journey Through Schizophrenia
Psychologist Ronald Bassman, once diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia, has recovered and now brings new hope to patients and families. Read his article which appeared in Psychology Today, February 2001, online.

Spencer Perdriau , author / speaker / survivor
"There is no else who has beaten schizophrenia and speaks so well about it and from the nondual perspective, as Spencer Perdriau. His knowledge is first-hand and his advice sound and practical." --Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com

Psychiatric Survivor.net
A site with information about Elizabeth Richter's forthcoming book, Songs of the Captive: A Memoir of Alienation. "This book is a personal memoir of the nervous breakdown I experienced after graduating from Mount Holyoke College and ends on the day I left McLean Hospital approximately two years later "

Peter Sarrio's Links
Peter, who has suffered from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders since he was a teenager, offers his music to give hope and inspiration to others who are struggling with the same illnesses.

updated September 2007

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