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BE POSITIVE! This too shall pass

Name: Leonard Shockley
Date: Winter 2000

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1989 after a break down caused by some difficulties I faced. The psychiatrists and nurses could not accept my explanation for what I thought and felt so they stamped me with the schizo label and doped me up. I still had all of the difficulties that precipitated my breakdown but now I was in a mental and emotional fog. My thoughts were lethargic and my emotional energy was muted by the drugs they told me were helping me. I tried to accept their explanation for my condition because I did not want to face what was really happening within myself.

After a while I acknowledged that my breakdown was painful and scary but I had survived it and as time went by I was able to face the Truth about my condition. By doing that I gained an incredible amount of inner strength.

I believe I had to suffer temporarily to gain this higher state of mental and emotional health. It may be true that I might have to face more difficulties within myself in the future. I am not going to shy away from it or deny why it is happening. It is a fact that we all suffer. It is also a fact that the suffering we face is only temporary and we learn and grow stronger because of it.

If any one is going through a seemingly bizarre, impossible to understand situation talk to people who have survived it, work on it within yourself, above all, BE POSITIVE! This too shall pass.


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