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Poems from The Book of Life: Existentialism

by Ronnie Lee

Reprinted with permission. Mr. Lee has several books available at Amazon.com addressing philosophy in verse. His books have been submitted to the Kenneth Donaldson Archives for Psychiatric Survivors.

Existentialism and Morality (p 38)

Existentialism is the value,
To anything that exists,
And that value can be a measure,
Of morality,
The value of worthiness to live.

To be worthy,
You must have fulfilled life's needs,
Whether your own,
Or your families,
Or even societies.

In good, there is the will,
To want the best for everything,
Thus more worthiness,
Thus more morality.

In evil, there maybe the will,
For use, thus a worthiness,
May exist if the usefulness,
Benefits life in general. Anything unworthy,
Exists, in one logic,
When the thing existing is 'wasted',
That is the value is lost,
And the use is lost.

When we waste life,
By ignorance, hate or any other factor,
Forming an unjust loss of value and use,
(Ignorance drops the value quickly,
But hate or violence without death.

Slowly reduces the value),
It becomes the lowest morality,
(Even beyond good and evil),
And will show the worst in life.

Good never wants to waste anything,
But must be wise to punish evil,
Yet evil will waste life more,
Even if it is to be useful,
Because they are less moral.

The ones that waste most,
Are the worst.

(No-one existentially exists as an innate 'knowledge' of waste,
But the psychological font or innate knowledge,
May have an 'idea' of waste within it's possibility of action,
Thus be accepted by an evolving language, culture, and age,
To be what we want to imagine,
Waste to be like; That is some maybe seen as a font of waste,
Like the characteristics or personalities,
Of 'nerds' in school,
Or the 'rebels' in the corporate world).

Other ways that the worst is created,
Is the influence of wastage,
And any waste,
Means that existence,
Is neither valued or useful,
In it's natural state of being.

If there is a dangerous existence,
Like viruses,
Then the destruction of them,
Maybe wasting them,
Thus there must be a balance found To neutralize them,
Making them function properly,
Or making a new helpful function of them.

In a case where there is no valuable function,
Means that they are only an illogic,
That needs to be made logical,
And a chemical or another addition must be found,
To make them balanced,
Good and safe.

Waste is the ultimate evil,
Whether things or people (characteristics or skills),
Information (reason for talking and being honest),
Or opportunities (and changes or evolution),
And evil may waste many lives,
But good finds the value and use,
Of everything,
Because everything needs to exist,
As a function,
A help, a need,
For everything else that exists,
To function properly,
And thus be healthy.

Evil therefore ruins health,
And only good keeps all healthy.

It is the rule of health,
That we should be good,
Otherwise you will lose it,
And thus be less worthy,
For life,
And thus be less valued and useful.

It is the logical procession of truth,
The value and use,
Of history, choice and time.

Existentialism and Logic (p 18)

The basic logics to existence starts with? The statement that? If nothingness never exists,
Existence always exists.

The reasons why this is true,
Is because we have made the statement,
Into opposite facts,
Not opposite words.

We must not get the fact confused,
With opposite words,
Otherwise the logic,
Becomes illogical.

Like if swearing is immoral,
Not swearing is moral.

We do not make opposite each word? Only each fact,
(As long as we know it is true).

If heat makes warmth,
Then cold makes coolness,
(Not cold does not make uncoolness).

If we realize this rule to logic? We can unlock the existential logics,
To how we live.

We then can continue,
With other logics for eternal motion? As nothingness never moves,
Thus existence always moves.

Some questions may have more than one answer,
And eternal motion does; It also has the logic,
If nothingness does not support existence,
Existence must be free to move eternally,
Through nothingness.

By logic,
We exist, we move, thus we feel,
Thus we have stimuli,
Thus we have acknowledgement,
Thus we have consciousness,
Thus we have choice,
Thus we have morality,
Thus we have goodness,
Thus we have perfection,
Thus we have perfect organization,
Thus we have logic.

Logic binds existential rules together,
And makes all truth united,
In harmony and peace,
Yet staying real.

It only creates chaos,
When we forget,
That logic is best,
Or if we may not want it,
For adventure.

It is however the underlining principles,
Of existentialism,
And the rules,
To why we are here.

Because we make logic practical,
And worthy to exist,
And makes us worthy of life,
And life worthy of us.

It makes reality,
Because logic itself,
Has innate existential logics as being,
Existing, and experiencing.

It is the truth to certainties,
Of logic,
As they are rules of nature,
Life and logic; We make them hold true.

The Psyche of the World (p 147)

The psyche is the aim and organization,
Of the morality of the collective consciousness,
And we can deduce the psyche by showing the instincts,
Of the individuals that inhabit that World.

The psyche can be good or evil,
And can show who are the adaptable,
Powerful and respectable characters,
In that system of life.

The psyche demonstrates that life,
Or God can manage many ways,
To create Worlds that are beneficial,
To certain values, certain characteristics,
In order to make those values used,
And therefore practical in that World's destiny.

In this World I will attempt to explain,
This logic to this World's psyche,
That it is an evolution or backlash,
From a conspiracy to one.

This means, a long time ago,
The psyche of a time before or at the start of this World,
Was a value that we would all hate one,
That all people would aim to disregard,
That person's value, and that person's love,
So that this person would not just be alone,
But be abandoned,
By everyone in their psyche of the World,
Within the innate walls of information,
To how we have to adapt.

This is very easily seen in popularity,
Because we see everyone hating one person,
In horror movies,
In computer games like Pac Man,
And space invaders,
In dramas that have good and evil intent,
And even in super heroes,
And children's comics. This hatred of one person,
Is more simply a Royal evil,
And a basic concept where evil strives,
By everyone hating one person.

In the evolution from a conspiracy to one,
We no longer hate the one,
But leave him alone,
Ignoring him,
But still disregarding his values in life.

If life wants to experience this 'story',
Not in a film,
But in real life,
It can create this with Worlds,
As the universe determines,
The rules that are applied to it.

This would be experimented,
By the innate logics of information being used,
And also the correct chemicals to simulate,
The feeling of hating one person,
Like when family groups hate terrorists or criminals,
Or when there is bullying by groups to weak individuals,
Or when there is framing and blaming,
In political scandals and conspiracies,
Or when there is nature using the food chain,
To have this feeling,
As a group of predators attack a prey.

All these actions create the feeling,
Of hating one,
And this World creates this feeling,
And thought,
In it's innate locks within the environment,
Making it natural in it's occurrence.

For the worst life,
The person would be innocent,
That he would do the right thing,
And his values would be peace,
Harmony and love,
But if these values were disregarded,
There would be hell,
And this is what happens now,
In this World.

The belief of everyone,
Would be to hate one,
But as we evolve from this,
We would forget our natural beliefs,
Thus religions, cults, and a variety of extreme politics,
And philosophies would arise,
Making the people in the World confused,
And lost.

To unite all,
There would be political Empires,
To unite all the small factions,
And even large religions,
To unite lost believers,
In what is good.

We would spring into deceit,
Corruption, lies, abuse, betrayal,
And all evil would occur,
From the King of all evils,
The Conspiracy to one.

It can be seen in this World's history,
If you look in detail,
As a collective consciousness,
And it can be assessed,
As and evolutionary stage in life,
As well as religious or educated experience.

The Bible and the Conspiracy to One (p 170)

The Bible does show the theory,
Of the evolution from a conspiracy to one,
And the set up of the universal trap,
Of which all of that type of character, Are all cursed.

The air, sea, and land,
Were made in Genesis,
The program for life,
The animals and Adam and Eve.

But Adam then created sin,
And he is to blame for all of mankind's evils.

He later dies and so do all his, Ancestors,
So he has no support.

Noah then bears the rest of life with Abraham,
As his descendents.

All this resembles,
Hating one at the start,
And then evolving,
Away from this conspiracy to one That will lead to disbelief,
Confusion of aims and goals,
And a choice of different beliefs,
That come from the madness,
Of hating one,
That would naturally disturb one's,
Natural aims,
natural beliefs,
And natural goodness.

It all disappears,
To make this conspiracy of one,
That can imitate horror stories,
Or computer games,
Like the simply loved Pac Man and space invaders,
Where all attack one,
As well as common enemies,
And political framing,
And bullying.

All to understand what it is like,
To be the worst,
To live the biggest fear,
Of everyone being against you,
In the most real life,
This life,

Then many others are cursed,
After the evolution from a conspiracy to one,
Others that have similar characteristics to the one,
That make them hated too.

With Job being hated by all,
That is God, the devil,
And everyone he knows and meets,
He is in the same position,
But not blamed like Adam,
Just conspired,
As everyone puts him down.

And Jesus too,
Who was betrayed,
Another large evil.

The end is when the evolution of the conspiracy is over,
When all pay for it,
The conspirators,
And the conspired one(s).

We all regret and die,
In Armageddon,
And all are equally destroyed,
And blamed,
And cursed.

But in between the evolution of the conspiracy to one,
There can be other rationales,
Of life,
Like masses and independents,
Some becoming cursed and blessed,
Usually because of character,
But also because of common skills,
Or common links.

Just like other stories,
They are all the most moral of stories,
That reflect life in this World,
Goodness and evil,
Like the Matrix,
Another Savior story,
That says that only a few,
Know that they are the conspired ones,
Hated by all,
conspired and blamed,
For their reality,
That shows how programmed,
The people are,
And that they do not know,
Their position of ignorance,
Of their true existence,
Just batteries to form a program,
A program to destroy,
Some real people,
The conspired ones.

And other stories,
Like Star Wars,
That have the only few real good ones,
The Jedi's,
That can see life in the true way,
conspired and hated,
By the masses,
the established Republic,
The clones and storm troopers,
And they have to fight everyone and flee,
Hide and escape,
Whilst trying to live,
And make things better again.

Also about the X-Men,
Who are different from normal people,
That are also hated,
conspired and blamed,
For being different,
By everyone,
And they try to defend life,
Whilst also fighting for themselves.

These are all stories,
That are in reality frightening,
That state that the majority,
Are against a few,
That have to fight for themselves,
Through life against all.

The Cursed ones,
Whilst some are blessed,
Able to procreate, ignore the true events,
As they do not need to know,
As they have other responsibilities too,
Like producing goods and services,
For food, shelter, water, clothes,
And soon other goods and services,
Like transport, technology and medicines,
All needed to continue life,
To continue the program,
To fight the one or the few,
Of the evolution from the conspiracy to one.

They get money, sex, fame,
Glory, support, unity,
Pleasures, comforts, and happiness,
For making this evil,
Whilst the one,
Will find all of these things difficult to get,
And will not want the evil to continue,
So he will too hate them all,
At times,
And feel jealousy, anger, rage,
Envy, and hate,
As they are using his pain,
To make their pleasure,
Their wealth, their love, their success; It is the worst psychologically,
As well as emotionally,
Spiritually, and sometimes physically,
And he knows this by his sense,
His experience, his intellect, his knowledge,
His influence.

They get rich by making money,
On the goods and services needed,
To keep the conspiracy going,
The program made,
Beyond the powers of this World,
(In the Bible, it is God,
Who made the program,
In the Matrix,
It is the computers and the writer,
And in X-Men, it is just evolution,
Of mind, body, spirit and soul,
And in Star Wars,
It is simply,
The power of the established and masses,
The collective consciousness,
Or the Force).

So the ones that keep things going,
Have it easy,
Are still maintaining and obeying the rules,
Of the program and laws of nature,
And need not directly effect the one,
As they control the others to do it.

But they all effectively,
Play a part in it.

There is no philosophy to understand,
As that would help the one,
So it is hidden,
And left so that people,

But understanding stops,
Them from being too evil,
And killing each other,
And how ironic,
That the evil that tries to kill the one,
Can only be saved by the one.

And as they threaten him to save them,
He does,
And then they just sit, laugh,
And find others ways,
Another time,
To hurt him.

But the one,
Cannot be destroyed,
Or the program finishes,
And that cannot happen,
No-one can function,
Or do anything,
So it carries on,
With his life,
Being 'safe',
(Like Job who is promised,
By God,
He will not be killed).

It is simply making the Worst occur,
Like a horror movie,
But it can never go without natural justice effecting it,
And that is when everyone tries to be sane,
And rationale to themselves,
But they cannot,
As all integrity,
Natural trust,
Natural goodness,
Has gone,
And the simple theory,
Of hating one,
(Just another one theory,
Like loving one,
Or loving God etc),
Reached it's own natural conclusions,
From natural laws of acceptance,
Of evil,
And natural conscience,
Of hating someone pure or good,
And the conscience that life,
Can be brutal to the extreme for anyone,
And that does then reflect,
On all lives By destroying the law of justice,
Equality and freedom,
That is innocence.

All innocence is destroyed,
And the innocent gene,
Will take eons to mend,
Because it unites all other genes,
And memories.

The more worse the memory,
The more worse the time of healing.

It is the purest, simplest,
And worst evil,
That can be worse,
As the evolution progresses,
Whilst everyone thinks they are just,
Working or doing their job,
Living lives,
Where really,
They are existing to keep the evil going,
The evolution from the conspiracy to one,
That can make war,
Disease and madness,
Because it is illogical,
And unfair,
Therefore all illogic is a displacement,
Of all things,
Chemical, drugs and foods,
Thus there is disease, and a failure,
To do duty because of addiction to drugs,
That is alcohol, soft and hard drugs,
Or other evils.

The cycles of life,
Like the food chain,
Drugs chain,
And chemical chain,
Are natural defenses,
To the conspiracy to ones,
Just like maybe women are,
(Because they bear a one child,
Therefore believe in one love),
But these defenses,
When broken to make a conspiracy,
Fight back naturally,
Destroying duties,
Therefore health, ease, peace, harmony,
And happiness.

It destroys everyone taking part,
And that society.

The senses will lose their function,
And there will be disability,
And mental illness,
And all health will go wrong,
From obesity,
To anorexia,
Through all levels,
Of the drugs, chemical and food chains,
And all diseases and problems will occur,
Because of this simple horror movie,
The conspiracy to one,
Where the masses think,
They can get away with it,
Because it is so simple,
That they can unite by hating one,
Making him,
The 'fool' like in the Bible,
Or in Aristotle's,
Imbalanced 'fool',
In his Ethics.

How can you be balanced with everyone against you,
When ones that have food,
Family, friends, money, shelter,
Love, belonging, and support,
Like himself,
Can be balanced,

They may think that they can all feel superior,
And wise, and better,
Because no-one is worse than the one,
In his position,
So they are all lucky,
Because he is,
The Worst.

Even murderers, rapists, war mongers,
Deceivers, liars, abusers, corrupters and brutes,
Physically disabled, mentally ill, ugly ones, stupid ones,
And homeless ones,
Will seem better than the one,
No matter how good he is,
And from the ones point of view,
This is true,
From his perception of them all,
As they too will hate him more,
Thinking he is wrong, lazy, stupid, childish,
Or cowardly,
Unless he understands and tells them exactly,
How life is,
To 'prove' his defense,
Of his hated actions,
And behavior,
(From fear, fright, confusion, Madness, stress, pressure and pain).

As people,
Will not openly and easily socialize with the one,
Whilst others may still get that social instinct,
And reaction from others,
But the one will not.

And as they make him the Worst,
They make the worst occur everywhere,
And that is when hell breaks lose,
As making a path for the one to be worse,
The worst must occur everywhere,
When and where they do this,
Making 'hell'.

It is a story of the worst,
But with some lucky ones,
Because in this world,
The one is spiritual big,
And that makes them feel 'nice'.

It is the story of a hell,
That is created by ideas,
In a universe,
Where all stars,
And all worlds and planets,
Are but places to create,
Their imaginations,
As humans create their own stories,
And structures,
The Worlds exist,
For the universe to make their stories,
Come true,
No matter what stories,
As long as they want them.

So as life is a stage,
But a real one,
We wait to see the end result.

We will however say goodbye to something,
We will never forget,
Or should forget.

It is an era where hate,
Is a goods and services,
That is passed to the one,
Who must organize,
And 'value and use' this hate the best way he can.

He must be a customer service adviser,
For the World,
To know everyone's hate,
And every one's problem,
And solve everyone's questions.

Then he can please all,
And as he maybe a natural helper,
Maybe even a natural utilitarianist.

He will then be defended by truth and logic,
With answers to help people.

he would think,
That the greatness of the world,
Would not depend just on the greatness,
Of others,
But of his own greatness,
In his decisions,
As the world's destiny,
Is directly linked to his,
In the collective consciousness,
And innate world,
As Jesus was to the real world.

But as he took the brave and tough way out,
His only way where he could still,
Think he was good, intellectual,
Understanding, loving, caring,
And right,
He would see the illusions,
And the truths,
He would still maintain his dignity,
And self respect.

© Ronnie Lee

Reprinted with permission. Mr. Lee has several books available at Amazon.com addressing philosophy in verse. His books have been submitted to the Kenneth Donaldson Archives for Psychiatric Survivors.


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