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Medical Error Story (Tragic Roundabout)

From: Diane Blakemore

Email: Email Diane Blakemore
Date: Nov. 2003

My name is Diane Blakemore. I have a true story that was very horrific.

I would like the public to know the truth about this fraudulent treatment, (torture) that is considered as a "treatment" option for people who are "depressed", or maybe even just sad or emotional.

I feel it is important that the public realize just what happens within the health system and how easy it is to become a victim of iatrogenesis.

So could you please consider publishing the following story, and if you would like a photo please contact me in New Zealand.

This fraudulent "treatment" is Electro-shock "therapy". I underwent 7 unnecessary "treatments" in 2000 after the birth of my 2nd child all because I was misdiagnosed, made depressed from drug induced injuries, then prescribed addictive medication (depressants) which added to my condition and my original problem was still not fixed.

Mental Health services promote and provide misinformation about electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). This is irresponsible. Also most patients are not in the right state of mind on some psychiatric drugs, when they are asked to sign a consent form for ECT. (who in their right mind would want to be shocked mentally, physically and emotionally for life?

This is disabling torture not "treatment". Stories told by sufferers should be believed. I myself underwent 7 electro-convulsive "treatments" following the birth of my second child three years ago.

I was misdiagnosed as having depression (postnatal) and prescribed unnecessary pills (antidepressants) (sleeping-pills). When in fact I was only in a lot of backache and not coping too well with lack of sleep because of it and a new born baby to attend to. The pills I was prescribed put my mind into a chemical straightjacket and onto a Tragic Roundabout.

Then it was that I got severely depressed and along with suffering the direct effect of the medication. I was then prescribed sleeping pills as well. After I tried 3 different antidepressants one on top of another.

I arrived at the point where I could no longer function normally. I couldn't eat (lost 2 stone) in 4 weeks, couldn't sleep, and shower and lost all motivation, couldn't care for myself let alone my family.

So I stopped taking the pills (cold turkey) which put me into a severe withdrawal (without knowing it). I wasn't told either at the time, but I was then admitted to hospital with my baby voluntarily.

I was given minor tranquillizers (depressants) to add to my cocktail of other medication, which only added to my depressed mood, (poly pharmacy). I couldn't cope with my baby in the ward by myself because of the direct effects from the medication, depressant effects and my backache. And wanted my child to be with his father until I could give him what he needed. I most definitely didn't like the thought of him being in a psychiatric ward with me either.

Because I wanted my baby with his dad for a short period they labeled me as having a "Bonding Disorder" most incorrect. So I had to cope the best I could, I felt helpless.

Then 3 half months later during my stay in hospital I underwent 7 Electro-Convulsive "Treatment"' at Hillmorton New Zealand and given misinformation on them. Those 7 "treatments" robbed me of my memory, affected my concentration and thinking. Each "treatment" was like an execution.

I suffered severe muscle aches and pains. Tension, excruciating headaches. It left me in a very confused state and vulnerable. After each shock my memory worsened and as all this dawned upon me. I refused to continue the other 7 "treatments". Decided I wanted discharge to come home.

Then two years later found out from a tranquillizer support counselor, and patient advocate that I had an Accidental addiction to Benzodiazepines tranquillizers that I was prescribed while in hospital.

My doctor had kept prescribing me for a so-called "chemical imbalance", I weaned myself off them over 7 months period and felt so much better. I can also say that my original condition was caused from a gynecology problem (my backache) not from "depression". You see the pills create a chemical imbalance not "treat" it. Psychiatry is creating mental illness with their mind-altering drugs they call "medicine".

Today I see some people from my past whom I cannot recall meeting before. I have trouble remembering some things, they are very vague. This torture robbed me of so much, I want to see it banned not researched. What is it going to take for this barbaric "treatment" to end?

Its inhumane. How many more countless lives are going to be destroyed by it? Some people can't read or write anymore because of it, and are labeled for life. Would those in favor of these "Treatments" have it?

I guess not. ECT is an assault to the brain and it should be banned, I was a healthy and outgoing person prior to this unnecessary "Treatment" with a gynecological problem causing my backache.

Now I have to live with the damage. Its been a violent assault on me and my family. I don't believe its good for anything except erasing the memory of those who don't want one. It doesn't cure. It creates Brain-Damage. Its not just a suggestion that there is a long-term effect. ECT is not safe, nor is it effective.

It is not a therapy, nor a treatment. It produces harmful effects. It does produce long-term memory loss, the more ECT a person has the more memory loss. The more memory loss the more brain damage. Only the patient knows how extensive that damage is.

ECT is a slaughter house practice. That is where Ugo Cerletti's idea came from ( the slaughter house). He saw ECT used on pigs. It produced an epileptic convulsion, which made it easier to slit their throats.

He then used it on humans. ECT creates a nerve-racking convulsion of long-duration and leaves irreversible brain damage. Ugo Cerletti pioneer of electroshock. Its not designed to make you feel better or think straight. Its designed to ruin you. It destroys minds. The patient is the expert because the patient knows. Doctors class an epileptic seizure as a medical emergency. So it seems illogical to induce one. ECT is unsafe and ineffective and produces harmful effects. If it is so safe then, let the one who promotes it have it first.

Then we'll see what story they have to tell. Are you going to be next?

For a good reference Read Toxic Psychiatry by Dr Peter Breggin.

Yours Faithfully, Diane Blakemore, Ashburton, New Zealand


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